Functional Expertise

  • Energy Hiring, Talents Marketplace
  • Matching
    • The skills needed to thrive in the energy marketplace today are very different than they were ten, even five years ago. Our matching services help make sure you have the candidates with the skills you need. In the fast-paced energy sectors you need niched skillsets and solid competencies which is why do the heavy-lifting when it comes to finding a perfect match for your company.
  • Recommendation:
  • Interview: One Way & Live
    • Screen candidate interviews for a variety of positions in record time
    • Reduce travel costs and save screen time
  • Assess and proctor technical skills during the interview: Predictive Recruitment
    • The more scientific method of predictive recruitment avoids recruiters relying on gut instincts. Our predictive recruitment mechanisms allow us to measure hiring success, optimal sourcing channels, flight-risk of new hires and culture fit, among other factors.
  • Resume Check
    • The homework is done for you as we perform comprehensive resume checks on each candidate to ensure the skills, knowledge, and experience are there.


  • Energy Virtual University
  • Continuous training in the latest skills
  • World-renowned programs like EduAtom and EduMining, certified year-round by European universities
  • Customizable platform to fit your firm’s structure
  • eLearning On Demand
    • Assess, assist and guide the workforce in knowledge progression.
    • Customizable to suit the needs and timeframe of your company
    • Comprehensive process from upstream assessment, hotlines and resources during the training and downstream contact and analysis of progress create a thorough training program.

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